Jimma University

College of Natural Science

Department of Statistics

Course title: Introduction to Multivariate Methods

Course code:                    Stat3063

Credit hours:                      3

Credit:                           5  EtCTS

Contact hours:            Lecture 3 hrs+2-hour Tutorial and Computer Lab 1 hour per week

Instructor: Samuel F. (MSc.)

Introduction; Review of Matrix algebra; Practical examples of multivariate data; Preliminary

data  analysis;  Examination  of  a  data  matrix,  reduction  of  a  data  matrix;  definition  and  calculation  of  sample  summary  statistics:  means,  variances,  covariance's,  correlations; Examination   and   interpretation   of   sample   correlation   matrix;   the   multivariate normal distribution.   Study   of   relationships   (association);   One-sample   test   of   mean   vector;

simultaneous confidence intervals for detecting important components; a test of structural relationship; Extension to two-sample tests; principal components and factor analysis as a means of reducing dimensionality:  Calculation and interpretation of principal components and common factors.


•             To equip students with sound knowledge of extending the statistical ideas of univariate data analysis to that of multivariate;

•             To equip them with skills of computing multivariate methods;

•             To motivate them to apply the multivariate methods to solve real-life problems.

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course, students are expected to:

•             State the basic statistical ideas of multivariate data analysis;

•             Use the basic multivariate statistical methods and interpret them.


multivariate course outline.pdfmultivariate course outline.pdf

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