1.      Phar 620: Pharmaceutical Microbiology

Course objectives

This subject describes the roles and responsibilities of a pharmaceutical microbiology department in pharmaceutical industry. It focuses on:

  • Pharmaceutical microbiology quality control;
  • Antimicrobial effectiveness testing;
  • Microbial examination of non-sterile products;
  • Sterility testing;
  • Bacterial Endotoxin testing
  • Microbiological inspections of drug, biotechnology and medical device manufacturers.


Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this subject the student will be able to:

·         Demonstrate an understanding of pharmaceutical microbiology

·         Analyze pharmaceutical microbiology QC principles as they apply to various aspects of drug production and testing.

·          Implement and conduct the various types of pharmaceutical microbiological inspections and audits used in the pharmaceutical industry.

·         Utilize practical experience gained with pharmaceutical microbiological QA systems to solve problems in the industry. 

·         Identify the importance of quality assurance systems.

·         Introduction to Pharmaceutical Microbiology quality control

·         Sterility testing

·         Bacterial endotoxin testing (BET)

·         Microbiological Assay & Bioassays

·         Preservative efficacy test



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