Information Technology Program

Advance Database Management Course Outline

Course Code :ITec2072

Course Title: Advanced Database Management

Degree Program :Information Technology


ECTS Credits(CP)7

Contact Hours: Lecture 32, Tutorial 16, Lab/Practical 96, Home Study 45, Total 189

Target Group: 2nd year Information Technology Students

Year /Semester: Year: II, Semester: II

Pre-requisites       ITec2071


This course covers file organizations, storage management, query optimization, transaction management, recovery, and concurrency control, database authorization and security. Additional topics include distributed databases, mobile databases, and integration may also be covered. A major component of the course is a database implementation project using current database languages and systems.

Course Objectives :

At the end of this course the students will be able to:

·         Understand the database query processing and optimization

·         Know the basics of transaction management

·         Understand database security

·         Use different recovery methods when there is a database failure

·         Design a distributed database system in homogenous and heterogeneous environments

Topics and contents of the course

Chapter 1: Query processing and Optimization

·         Translating SQL Queries into Relational Algebra

·         Basic Algorithms for Executing Query Operations

·         Using Heuristic in Query Optimization

·         Using Selectivity and Cost Estimates in Query Optimization

·         Semantic Query Optimization

Chapter 2: Database Security and Authorization

·         Introduction to DB Security Issues

·         Discretionary Access Control Based on Granting /Revoking of Privileges

·         Mandatory Access Control for Multilevel Security

·         Statistical DB Security

Chapter 3: Transaction Processing Concepts

·         Introduction

·         Transaction and System Concepts

·         Properties of Transaction

·         Schedules and Recoverability

·         Serializability of Schedules

·         Transaction Support in SQL

Chapter 4: Concurrency Control Techniques

·         Locking Techniques for Concurrency Control

·         Concurrency Control Based ON Timestamp Ordering

·         Multiversion Concurrency Control Techniques

·         Validation (Optimistic) Concurrency Control Technique

·         Granularity of Data Items and Multiple Granularity Locking

·         Using Locks for Concurrency Control in Indexes

Chapter 5: Database Recovery Techniques

·         Recovery Concepts

·         Recovery Concepts Based on Deferred Update

·         Recovery Concepts Based on Immediate Update

·         Shadow Paging

·         The ARIES Recovery Algorithm

·         Recovery in Multi-database Systems

Chapter 6: Distributed Database System

·         Distributed Database Concepts

·         Data Fragmentation, Replication, and Allocation Techniques for Distributed database Design

·         Types of Distributed Database Systems

·         Query Processing in Distributed Databases

·         An over view of Client- Server Architecture and its Relationship to Distributed database

Chapter 7: Spatial /multimedia/mobile databases

·         Spatial data model spatial queries- multimedia data sources

·         mobile databases-data processing

·         XML database




Chapter 8: Web- based databases

·         Databases on www-providing access to databases –web integration-Open problems with web databases

Chapter 9: Data Warehousing

·         Introduction to Data Warehouse,

·         Multidimensional Data Model,

·         Data Warehouse Architecture, Implementation, Further Development, Data Warehousing to Data Mining


Assignments ………………………15%
Quiz and test……….…………….. 20%
Final examination…………..…..…45%
Project and Lab Exercise …………20%


Text Book

Elmasri and Navathe (2016). Fundamentals of Database Systems, 7th edition, Pearson education


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